Product Description
Siding is a External cladding material which can be installed onto a vertical wall surface generally with the help of anticorrosive fasteners.
First introduced in 1960s
Rapid popularity in US & Canada in last 4 decades
No. 1 choice amongst homemakers for external cladding; twice more than other materials
Entire range of accessories available
Components of a typical house
Components of a typical house
Vinyl Sidings - Composition
1. PVC (Poly Vinyl Chloride)
Forms the bulk of composition (Almost 80%)
Thermoplastic in nature
2. Micro Ingredients – Pigment,TiO2, Calcium Sterate
Pigments or colours are added to enhance appearance
TiO2 (Titanium di oxide) is added to prevent UV degradation
Calcium stearate aids in uniform blending of PVC compound helps to resist cracking
3. Processing aids – Waxes, Impact Modifiers, Acrylic Processing aids, Stabilizers
Waxes – To prevent adhesshion of PVC resin to extruders and impart gloss
Impact modifiers – To impart strength and robustness
Acrylic Processing aids – Improves Durability and consistency
Stabilizers – Prevents degrading of PVC during manufacturing process (Heating and high pressure)