Vinyl Sidings - Features & Benefits

Key Advantages

●   Excellent Aesthetics.

●   Lightweight & Waterproof.

●   Colourfast, uv resistant with Lifetime Fade protection.

●   Zero maintenance & easy to clean.

●   Unbreakable, Does not peel off, flake, crack or rust.

●   Scratches do not show.

●   Resists denting from day to day occurrences.

Installation Proficiency

●   Installation Proficiency Patented STUD finderâ„¢, ensures accurate & secure installation.

●   Patented secure intra panel interlock.

●   Entire range of accessories are available.

●   Light in weight and Flexibility – Aids easy handling/ transportation and fast application.

●   Incurs less damage at work site hence less wastage.

Added Advantages

●   Withstands wind load pressure of 135 mph.

●   Class 1 (A) fire rating.

●   Does not conduct heat or cold.

●   Does not magnify sound of rain or hail.

●   Versatile Product: Can be installed on Brick or Wooden Facade.

●   Unique interlocking design protects moisture or insects to enter inside the external wall.

●   Suitable for any type of harsh climates.

●   Not affected by environmental pollution.